1960’s Acclaimed Movie Actor Dies

It was a life well spent for American actor and director, Peter Fonda. For 79 years, he spent most of his life acting, producing and directing. As disclosed by his family, he suffered from respiratory ailment alongside lung cancer before succumbing to death.


Peter was born in 1940 to a family of actors. His father, Henry Fonda, who died in 1982, was a film and a stage actor during his time, and his sister, Jane Fonda, was also a multi-awarded actress. His mother, Frances Ford Seymour, died when Peter was only a young boy.


Although his father and sister made a name in Hollywood, Peter worked through his way to be recognized. One of his most memorable films is the “Ulees Gold” where he portrayed a widowed beekeeper and a Vietnam veteran. Surely, his portrayal was commendable as he was awarded Best Actor at The Golden Globe Awards.

“Easy Rider” is also one of his movies that made a mark. Peter co-wrote, produced and also starred in this film. Peter, together with the film’s director, Dennis Hopper, played two motorcyclist who went about the American Southwest and South making drug transactions. In this film, Fonda rides a motorcycle named “Captain America,” and he wears a striped with stars helmet. Along their journey, their characters, Wyatt and Billy, met George, who is a lawyer, played by Jack Nicholson. The trio decides to travel together and experience a one of a kind life involving drugs, societal issues, and nomadic lifestyle.


Fonda produced this road drama film for a sum of $380,000 and later earned $40 million worldwide. Apart from its monetary success, “Easy Rider” paved the way of new film making as it boldly tackled national issues at that time such as drugs, cultural landscapes, and political tensions.

Being a counterculture film, “Easy Rider” got an Oscar nomination for the top choice film with original script and was added to the US National Film Registry in 1998.