Expect the unexpected – Apple hints what’s to come

What’s in store for Apple this year? Many hear-says are circulating online yet what we know is that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is set to reveal come September a new iPhone model.

Intel Reports

From reliable sources such as Bloomberg and analysts, the new model will be mostly alike from that of last year. With this, we can only expect a lot of enhancements – from improved cameras to a new operating system. The introductory price is about $1000. Amidst the much talked about mobile technology of Samsung and Huawei, Apple and its iPhones, continues to be a highly valued brand and products.

2019 Models

As we wait for the revealing of the new iPhone 11, let us take a look at some of the upgrades this model might or might not be having.

3 in 1

Similar to last year, Apple plans to present three new models this year. Last year’s trio was the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The revealing happened last September 21, and for this year, it will be on September 10.


Sourced from Bloomberg, iPhone 11 might be parading with three rear-facing lenses giving it a much broader angle shot. These lenses will appear in a triangular pattern with a flash.

Touch Screens

Apple will let go of the touch-based interface and will use the Taptic Engine instead. iPhone XR uses this engine.

Power Up

This year, the new phone will hold up two-sided charging and will enable users to share the power to other iPhone units. The 2019 model might have bigger batteries and in turn, will have longer battery life. For the battery test for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS, they lasted approximately 13 – 17 hours.


One of the phones released last year, the iPhone XR, has an LCD screen while the two others have both high-resolution OLED display. Phones that will be released may follow this trend.

Processing Unit

An article from Bloomberg shared that the iPhone 11 could use an A12X processor, chips used in the new iPad pros, or it can have a more powerful chip – the A13.


Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo foresee that iPhone 11 will be 5G ready.


Over the past two years, smartphones continue to have a price increase, but for this year, it may be different due to some factors, such as the trade competition of China and US and slow sales of iPhone.

Apple may consider these factors and will put a reasonable price on these new models.


A cheaper version of the iPhone 11 will be available in China and India.

No sound

From the pill-shaped button, the iPhone 11 will have a circular mute button.


Apple may use a USB-C for the next model.


iPhone 11 may possibly maintain the Apple Pencil.