The greatest TV shows begin here

So you have an exciting TV show idea and found that you have a market for it. After seeking for experts’ advice, you’re eyeing for Hollywood. But how do you get there?

Pitching a TV show is in itself an artistic pursuit, especially with the stiff competition in the entertainment industry. Original ideas that can provide long-term profits are the ones that get commissioned.

Show Pitching

A pitch contains a logline, bible, and a finished pilot script. TV show pitches may have different contents. The most important thing to remember is that your pitch document should give the reviewers a clear idea of the show’s theme and your writing technique.

Four elements of a TV show pitch

  1. The logline is a brief summary of your TV show idea. It contains one to two catchy sentences that clearly conveys your show’s concept. It’s also known as the “elevator pitch” because it should be short and appealing enough to pitch to a network executive during an elevator ride.
  2. One-sheet is a short version of your ideas that serves as your resume. It reminds the network executives about your pitch once you’ve left their company building because they receive hundreds of pitches every week. The one-sheet should contain your name and contact details, the title and genre of the show, logline, a few sentences that outlines your idea, and other relevant information.
  3. The series bible includes details about the characters and the dramatic arc of your show, among others. It must be around seven pages or more. It starts with the title of the show, followed by the logline. Next is the synopsis which should contain significant events in the series, the setting, and the theme. Also, include the critical characters in the series and relevant background information about them and a rundown of the pilot episode. It must also contain an enumeration of all the episodes that are part of season 1. Write a brief background for each episode.
  4. Script for the pilot. Submitting a finished script for the pilot episode will help the executives gauge your writing style. It will also be easier for them to imagine the scenes of the pilot episode.

 Remember these things when you pitch a TV Show!

  • Complete the pilot before coming up with a full pitch.
  • Rehearse your pitch.
  • Have a clear idea of what happens in the succeeding seasons.
  • Discuss the deeper elements of the show, like concepts and theme.
  • Learn about the network’s missions and visions and why your show will fit their program line-up.
  • Show genuine excitement about your idea.
  • Avoid using visual aids.
  • Make a comprehensive pitching document.