The 5G-powered Security Guard is LG’s new CLOi

LG teamed up with Korean telecommunications carrier SK Telecom for the new CLOi and is designed to function as a security guard. It detects abnormalities in its surroundings and programmed to patrol 24/7. This makes it an efficient protection for warehouses, facilities and soon, homes as LG is planning to commercialize it.

The first robots from LG were introduced back in 2017. The Serving Robot, Porter Robot, and Shopping Cart Robot were among the first of the CLOi (pronounced KLOH-ee) robot brand.

This year, 2019, is the year for the newest addition to the CLOi robot smart home line. The most notable feature of this addition is its use of 5G technology along with cloud-based solutions that allow faster information-processing and improved overall performance.

Being 5G-enabled and cloud-based means that much like a smartphone, feature updates will be downloaded across its network as soon as it is implemented. It is the forefront of future LG robots as all succeeding ones will be using the same technology (and more) from hereon.

The LG and SK Telecom partnership is also looking into building “eSpace,” a hyperspace platform wherein robots from the CLOi robot brand will collect spatial data and capture photos of its area to replicate the environment it’s in the real world. This virtual space service will incur an additional charge.

SK Telecom also wants to include its own artificial intelligence, the Interference Accelerator along with its AI cloud into the newest LG CLOi to “not only improve information-processing performance of robots but also support interconnection among multiple robots.”

The robot race is gaining speed, and more companies are coming up with solutions to make daily tasks easier through these smart machines. LG CLOi smart home is ahead of the race by launching this security guard with which clients won’t have to worry about it sleeping while on duty.