Huge Depression on Moon’s Surface Spotted; A New Breed of Space Race Underway

Scientists discovered a new interesting spot of the moon. They reported a hole that is larger than the Big Island of Hawaii. 

NASA confirmed that the exact location of the pit is 180 miles below the southern part of Pole-Aitken basin. After getting enough data, they found out that the pit was created due to a massive impact four billion years ago.

NASA postulated that a space orbiting rock might hit the moon. And they highlighted that for a 1,200-mile- wide hole, the rock must be packed with sturdy metal sheets. As of the press time, solidified molten rocks already sealed the topmost part of the said depression. 

Meanwhile, Daniel Moriarty, NASA lunar geologist, said that the crater is concrete evidence of some strange events in the past. 

Chang’e-4 Opens a ‘New Space War’

China successfully landed its Chang’e-4 to the far side of the moon this year and opened a new generation of the space race. According to NASA, China’s success in sending an unmanned object to the moon’s far side is a great feat. However, this achievement must be used positively — no need to boast or to bully other countries. 

According to America’s space agency, they are done in exploring the moon several decades ago. They are now up for more challenging tasks like exploring the space billions of kilometers from earth.

NASA is on the lookout to guard the security of earth from space. The agency hopes that other countries, including China and India, will also use their capability to sustain lasting peace on the planet.

Once there’s a country that will abuse its ‘space might,’ America would not hesitate to impose warning or sanctions.  NASA’s scientists agreed that apart from any interplanetary explorations, the security of the people must be prioritized.