Experts Nod That the Internet is Detrimental

Researchers from Harvard University, Kings College, Western Sydney University, University of Manchester, and Oxford University confirmed that the internet alters the normal functioning of the brain. The researchers highlighted that the capacity of the brain to handle social interaction and memory processes suffer much.
According to Dr. Joseph Firth, lead researcher, they combined pieces of evidence collected from the previous researches on the impact of the internet. Then, they made an extensive investigation to find out why the use of the internet affects the brain.
Dr. Firth cited a concrete example. According to him, when a person keeps on thinking about online notifications, his attention will be compromised. And this will result in haphazard finishing of a task.
Another setback of the internet lies in the availability of too much information. It is not any more helpful since people just tend to browse online if they want to learn new things. They completely forget the essence of reading books and understand after analyzing facts.

The use of the internet dramatically affects the performance of schoolchildren.

Instead of attending to their classes, some of the students prefer to skip and play online games.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children ages 2-5 must only use the internet up to one hour daily. Exceeding one hour is already detrimental to their health. This WHO guideline is one of the bases of the findings of Dr. Firth and his team. He suggested that parents can use specific applications that can control the use of the internet. Software such as website filtering and access restraining apps would be of great help.
Dr. Firth admitted that their study is not enough to bar the people from using the internet. He said that the internet remains beneficial as long as the user is responsible enough.