Food to Fight off Bad Cholesterol

Your choice of food can immensely tweak your cholesterols level both ways. There are certain foods that can cut back your bad cholesterol and there are also some that can proliferate your good ones.

Consuming food that contains soluble fiber decreases your bad cholesterol. This helps in clearing your bloodstreams from bad cholesterol. A bowl of cereal mixed with oats and fruits such as apples, bananas, pears, and berries eaten daily can help decrease your bad cholesterol. Eggplant, okra, and beans can also be your source of soluble fiber. 

Next, prefer food with the healthier polyunsaturated fat, which is naturally present in vegetable oils. Almost all seeds and nuts have them.

Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids doesn’t directly diminish bad cholesterol but doctors recommend them considering the improvement they do to your heart. You can plenty of this fatty acid in salmon and tuna. You may also ask your physician for supplements.

Fatty acids found in avocados are also good in warding off bad cholesterol, especially for overweight individuals.

Plants also carry the substances sterols and stanols that help prevent the body from absorbing unhealthy cholesterol. These substances are abundant in Brussel sprouts, canola oil, sesame oil, peanuts, almonds, and wheat bran.

Cheese, yogurt, and milk are also perceived to be advantageous for people with cholesterol. Eggs and shellfish are also being reconsidered.

Meanwhile, the kind of fat to avoid is called trans fat. In 2018, it was banned by the US FDA from being used as a food ingredient. However, due to some extensions given to a number of manufacturers, some food containing trans fat can still be seen on shelves up until 2021.

It is best to always check the label of any packaged food you are about to purchase.

Health Day recommends asking your doctor for the limits you have to set with regards to your food intake.