5 Reason Why Music is Good for your Health

Listening to music could set up different kinds of mood. Need to finish a desk full of tasks in the office? No worries, just cue that relaxing jazz music playlist on Youtube and you’ll be in the zone in no time. Going through a heartbreak? Some Taylor Swift tracks could help you get over it faster.

No matter what you are doing, there is always the right music to put you in the mood. But did you know that more than setting up the mood, music actually has proven scientific benefits to our health? Here are five reasons why you should listen to music more often.

#1 Music Sharpens Your Memory

Music has long been used by Doctors to treat patients who have lost their memory. Music is usually played out to them to trigger a recall mechanism that will enable them to remember. It is found out that playing certain music, for instance, those from the patient’s teenage years, induces unique nostalgic memories. This treatment method is most beneficial for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Meanwhile, older people of 60 years and above who are exposed to music, especially musical training, are shown to have sharper mental and cognitive abilities. Music has helped them protect their brain from aging and keep it healthy despite their age.

#2 Music Improves Exercise Output

The type of music you listen to when working out affects the effort you exert. Studies show that the music’s tempo has the ability to regulate the rhythm by which we move as the music sends signals to the brain. That is why when we listen to a more upbeat song, we tend to sync in with the groove and increase our exercise effort.

So the next time you hit the gym, be sure your playlist is full of groovy music!

#3 Music Heals

Turns out that music does not only heal the soul but our bodies as well. A study conducted by the General Hospital of Salzburg in Austria reported that surgery patients who listened to music as part of their rehabilitation program show an increased level of physical healing. Also, patients recount that they fell less pain when they are listening to music.

#4 Music Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Music as a stress management tool is proven to be extremely effective as it can send signals to the brain which, in turn, affect our emotions. For instance, listening to slow music can induce calming effects on the body, effectively relaxing our mind and relieve us of all the mind-related anxiety and stress.

One particular research from Standford University found out that listening to music has almost the same effect as taking stress medications. Based on this, music presents a less costly and easily accessible way to reduce stress.

#5 Music lets You Have Better Sleeps

Improving one’s sleep quality could be achieved by simply listening to music. An experiment, conducted by researchers Harmat, Takacs, and Bodizs, found that listening to music 45 minutes before sleeping leads to a better sleeping experience and decreased depressive symptoms

Couple listening to music on headphones