Learning The Secret To Cooking Fine Dishes with Weed

The world is slowly but surely embracing cannabis – with a handful of countries having already legalized its use – for medical purposes. And now that cannabis is getting much attention, a lot of people are trying out new things to do with it. Smoking pot isn’t the only way to try this miracle plant. You can actually put it in meals for people to enjoy.

Cannabis cuisine is not any other ordinary meal you’ve had before. Imagine nature’s lovely taste complementing one another with the extraordinary effect of THC. This might convince you to go out of your comfort zone of smoking pot and eat it instead.

Effect of Cannabis On the Body

Inhaling vapor from cannabis oil allows THC to go directly to the bloodstream as it enters the lungs. The blood takes the compound directly to the brain where it interacts to create psychoactive effects.

While inhaled cannabis reaches the liver only to a small extent, eating it will have a greater impact.

The liver is responsible for metabolizing anything that we intake to make it ready for excretion.

It turns the compound into its derivative called 11-hydroxy-THC. This molecular compound is five times stronger than the original cannabis. This is why edible weed makes a greater impact when you want to experience the effects of marijuana fully.

Cannabis cuisine chefs know that they need to be careful when preparing their meals. They need to be exact in making sure everything is the right amount or they’ll end up with a room full of people with uncontrollable hallucinations.

Best Way To Use Cannabis In Cooking

Michael Magallanes studied the science of cooking with legal marijuana. He highlighted that an unheated plant or oil contains a compound called THCA. When heated, THCA is converted into THC. This precursor compound does not mess with the mind’s imagination so it should be kept as is unless the customer prefers otherwise.

Different varieties come in various tastes because of the presence of different kinds of terpenes in the plant. One variety may taste like citrus fruit, while another may have a mushroom flavor.

Magallanes had to know the exact length of time, temperature and variety he’ll be using while cooking. Instead of directly putting cannabis oil or leaf into the meal, he mixes it with natural cooking oils. He serves dishes that do not require high heat.

The chef needs to be very precise in the doses he uses. People would have varied needs and preferences. Of course, high is just an added, non-negotiable part of the whole experience.