There is a Secret Ingredient to Tequila You Do Not Know

If you love your margarita, then tequila is not a stranger to you. This world-class liquor hails from the lively and colorful country of Mexico. One fact that you may not know, however, is that tequila came from a town that is its namesake, Tequila. What’s even more fascinating is that this spirit would not have been created without the women of Tequila town. That’s a secret ingredient you should know to better appreciate the heritage of this liquor.

Tequila Women Cultivated Young Agave Plant

The cultivation and creation of tequila is allowed only in five states of Mexico. The state of Jalisco, where the small town of Tequila is located, is one of that. The production starts with the blue agave shoots or the Agave Azul, where its heart or piña is collected for the sweet juice inside. These five states are home to vast plantations of agave plant; the states’ soil quality characterized by high concentrations of volcanic minerals and its dry weather are ideal conditions for the plants to thrive.

Historically, the annual planting of the agave azul is a role given to the women of the town. Officially, there are no records to show when this tradition has started, but back in the days women helped in planting the young agave shoots while their husbands are out for lunch. The women of Tequila started labor in the field at the onset of the 16th century.

The Town of Tequila Today

Today, tequila is a widely popular liquor enjoyed by many people from different countries. The unprecedented popularity the liquor received has helped the town of Tequila become a major tourist destination for foreigners who are eager to learn more about the heritage and cultural importance of tequila in Mexican history.

Tourists will not run out of enjoyable and fascinating activities around town. They can schedule a tour of the agave fields and see where the agave azul are originally grown. They can visit The National Museum of Tequila and appreciate how the liquor developed through the years. They can watch how tequila is created into perfection at one of the many tequila manufacturing houses scattered throughout the town. And they can even partake in a professional tequila tasting session. All these, they can do in this tiny yet historical town.