Newly Discovered Primitive Massive Cat Hidden in Drawer

A primeval cat was discovered safely hidden in a museum’s drawer. The fossil was accidentally stashed and neglected at the Nairobi National Museum.

The giant cat has a skull as massive as a rhinoceros’ and a body that is more massive than a lion. According to Paleontologist Matthew Borths, they believe that whoever dug the creature within the country did not give much attention to what they found. The researchers discovered the huge cat-like animal stashed safely in one of the safety drawers at a museum in Kenya, as reported by Nancy Stevens.

Closer Look At The Carnivore

The animal was a flesh-eating mammal with rows of gigantic sharp teeth. But the most prominent feature of the creature is its unusually large size. The team of Borths stated it is significantly enormous than any land-dwelling meat-eater found in Africa.

With the help of modern science, the team was able to estimate the size and weight of the gigantic cat. It is approximately 2.8 thousand pounds. Its measurement is seven times larger and heavier than a modern sized adult lion.

The discovery of the fossil is essential in putting together the evolution of animals. The ancient predator vanished in a significant ancient era that led to the formation of modern African fauna.

Importance of the Species

The animal is part of the Simbakubwa species. The name is directly translated to “big lion”. These animal category belonged to a larger group called hyaenodonts. These animals lived after the dinosaurs went extinct.

The species were apex predators known to play a vital role during the evolution from the dinosaurs to the present time.

Scientists are unsure of the obliteration event that wiped the species 15 to 18 years ago. But they know it happened when their forest ecosystems started turning into grasslands.